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What is Apple Airpower? And When Will it Be Available?

Apple airpower is just another weird innovation in the tech industry that is about to take technology to a new level.

Apple airpower is a wireless charging mat introduced by Apple Inc. for the purpose of charging its multiple devices all at once. OK, let’s break it down. Apple’s iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have been on sale for a year now, and one of the biggest innovations with these iPhones, and the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR , is wireless charging.

Now with these multiple Apple’s iPhone and other devices (Apple watch and iPad etc), you will need something to charge them with. To this end, Apple has introduced the Airpower wireless charging that is capable of charging its multiple devices all at once.

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For example, with the Apple Airpower, you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod all at the same time. Now tell me, isn’t that incredible? Apple is trying to make life easier for its consumers.

Of course, we all know wireless charging is not new in the tech industry. It’s been around for Android for years now. But, however, Apple is bringing its own spin to the tech, and customizing it for its latest batch of devices.

When Will Apple Airpower Be Made Available For Purchase?

Soon. Just a little while longer the Apple airpower will be made available in mass. This innovation by Apple was first leaked to the public sometime in 2017 and was thought to launch in 2018. But as it is now, there are rumors hitting the web already that Apple is now in mass production of the airpower.

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How the airpower works is that, as soon as you place your Apple devices on the airpower mat, it begins to charge the devices. We’ll wait patiently for this intelligent innovative product to come our houses soon.

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