What will Happen To Bitcoin Price If Bitcoin Supply Becomes More Than Bitcoin Demand

Well, according to every market rule and according to economics, whenever supply is more than demand, then there is bound to be a fall in price of the commodity. But can that be the case of bitcoin in the future? is it possible that at a certain point, bitcoin supply will out weigh its demand? Continue reading below

Bitcoin is made available on demand, this means that bitcoin is not made available in excess quantity. Bitcoin is only available when there is demand for bitcoin. Miners won’t mine bitcoin if users didn’t request for bitcoin and only the requested amount of bitcoin will be made available for users. This means that, it will be very rare(not impossible) for the supply of bitcoin to be more than the demand for bitcoin because bitcoin is built around its users and is only available on demand.
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But if there is ever a time when bitcoin supply is more than bitcoin demand, then from the economist point of view there will be a sharp or gradual decline in bitcoin price. As to when this might be no one can tell because right now, bitcoin is getting more attention around the globe with each passing day.
Do you think there will ever be a time when supply of bitcoin will be more than demand for bitcoin? only time will answer this question. But for more updates and news about bitcoin please subscribe to our newsletter.

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